Winter 2023/24

Important dates

Submission of project descriptions until 14 July 2023
Presentation of project descriptions 10 August 2023
Project selection 11 August 2023 – 26 August 2023
Announcement of project assignment 01 September 2023
Submission of grades until 31 March 2024

Project selection

Students can register for the teamproject and select their project preferences via ILIAS starting from 11. August 2023.


Name Supervised by
A static site generator in Effekt Software Engineering
Roboarena Kohlbacher lab
The Construction of a SASL Compiler Datenbanksysteme
Competition Server für Reinforcement Agenten Arbeitsgruppe Autonomes Lernen / Distributed Intelligence
AirPaint: Interactive Drawing App with Visual Gesture Control Autonomous Vision Group
Ridesharing platform Autonomous Vision Group
Interactive Society of Generative Agents Autonomous Vision Group
Implementation of a DNS Server Kommunikationnetze
Predicting animal behavior from neural activity Machine Learning in Science - Mackelab
Inferring Recipes of Supermarket Food, with Probabilistic Machine Learning Methoden des maschinellen Lernens
EEG-based brain-computer interface Experimental Cognitive Science
arXivChatGPT Distributed Intelligence / Autonomous Learning Group
Rendering and Animation with Blender Python API Real Virtual Human Group